Q.. Is A1 Services an approved training provider?

A.. Yes: by RTITB and NPORS

Q.. Where are courses conducted?

A.. Either at our training centres Kingsbridge Devon and or on your own premises, subject to machinery meeting current safety standards and the site being able to meet the necessary standards as laid down by the appropriate accrediting body.

Q.. Who do A1 services offer courses to?

A.. Our clients range from individuals looking for training to progress their own career or from small, medium and large companies looking to train/re-train their own employees.

Q.. What does the course entail?

A.. All Plant courses are mainly practical assessment based but have some classroom content.

Q.. What is the duration of the course?

A.. The duration of each course depends on the type of qualification being applied for, the type of machinery and is also based on operating experience. Courses vary from 1 to 11 days.

Q.. Do I need to provide a photo?

A.. A passport photo will be required for all plant courses so operator cards can be issused.

Q.. What do I need to bring with me to the course?

A.. You will need to bring with your PPE (Personal protective equipment e.g. hard-hat, steel toe-capped boots and high visibility jacket). You will also need to bring with you lunch provisions tea & coffee making facilities are available.

Q.. Do I receive a refund if I am unable to attend or complete the training?

A.. Refunds cannot be given as Instructors and/or equipment cannot be cancelled (terms & conditions will provided upon booking).

Q.. How do I arrange a training course?

A.. Call our office on 01548 800400 or e-mail us at detailing your requirements.

Q.. When are courses delivered?

A.. See the calendar section on the site for details of courses being run.

Q.. Are there age limits regarding fork truck operation ??

A.. YES! Ages and limits in principal are the same as a car license for old and young. All young persons (under18) if they have a ticket, can drive as long as they are supervised. Any medical requirements are the same as for the public highway.

Q.. Can I drive a forklift without a licence??

A.. NO. Regulation 9 of "Provision and use of work equipment regulations 1998 (PUWER)" requires that: Every employer shall ensure that all persons who use work equipment have received adequate training for purpose.
Approved code of practice (ACOP) states Employers should not allow anyone to operate, even on a very occasional basis, lift trucks within the scope of the ACOP who have not satisfactorily completed basic training and testing as described in the ACOP.

Q.. Do you have to carry you licence with you when operating a forklift?

A.. NO. But some individual employers may require that you do.

Q.. Where can I get a duplicate of my licence from??

Contact A1 Services for this.