Forklift Counterbalance

This course would suit...

Candidates with little or no experience in operations of an Industrial Counterbalanced Forklift.

Upon completion candidates will have shown a knowledge and understanding of:

Experienced operator(s)

For experienced operators familiar with operations of Industrial Counterbalanced Forklift we offer a 1 day formal training section prior to test to brush up on any bad habits that may have been picked up over the years. Upon completion of a 1 day course an Intermediate Construction award will be issued for training and candidates can then go forward for CPCS Technical Test.

CPCS Technical Test

Theory test

A recorded oral questioning session of up to 1hr 15 min duration and candidates must pass this test before any practical test is undertaken.

Practical test

A timed category specific practical test for Industrial Counterbalanced Forklift the time allowed is 1hr 45min. Only upon completion of technical test can CPCS ‘Trained Operator’ card be applied for.